Veepay, First Progress Report

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·Jun 11, 2022·

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Veepay, Feed Your Network, Live Better!!!

We @Veepay have been at work, laboring tirelessly to bring our solutions to your network problems into existence.

Screenshot (64).png Veepay is a telecommunication platform that connects individuals with their various networks and gives them a seamless experience. We offer a suitable medium to work, share and communicate effectively. Our aim is to provide a bulk SMS, SME DATA, AND RECHARGE platform that gives you whatever you need from such a platform at the time. Magazine Moockup.jpg Through Veepay you can deliver bulk messages to multiple individuals at the same time. One of the intended features is ability to subscribe to your bouquet on GOtv, Startimes etc just by using your mobile phone, no stress. Sticker Mockup.jpg You need not worry about your airtime running out as we can top up your network with airtime in a few seconds. Oh yes, you can sell airtime back to us in the case of a mistake buy. You know what we mean. All you need to do to enjoy this unlimited offer is download the app and sign up. With Veepay, you are sure to feed your network and live better. T-shirt Mockup.jpg Our social media pages across various platforms to enable interaction with our customers are below. reach out to us. We will like to hear from you!!!

Facebook page:


Instagram: Icon 2 Mockup.jpg Our Product Management and Design Teams are not left out. We started our research by checking and listing out various websites that's already offering our products, and from there we drew a pen on paper low fidelity wireframe of the various websites, collected everything and drew out our own pen on paper wireframe for the website. 20220612_160624.jpg We then recreated the sketched wireframe on Figma and Whimsical. The design system(style guide) is being worked on.


Screenshot_20220612-160420_Chrome.jpg Through ideation process by the team members on Miro, we were able to brainstorm and use the design thinking process to create User Personas, Product Requirement document and User flow that would be both user friendly and easy to navigate. Screenshot_20220612-161502_1 (1).png Screenshot_20220612-161524_1 (1).png We started with the Product Requirement document, did our research on PRDs for companies and drafted a version 1 PRD for our product which will be updated as time goes on.

With the effort of the whole team, we were able to create a good userflow for the product on Whimsical through the ideas generated during the design thinking process by team. Screenshot_20220612-161309_1.png

On the Frontend/WordPress front, we have Set up a GitHub account and built a one-page landing page (coming soon page) with a newsletter section where people can register their email address. It is a temporary URL link for the project in view of getting a permanent one as soon as possible. For the permanent URL we would be working and using the design extensively made by the product design team. Screenshot (63).png Our Data Analytics team are scouring the whole cyberspace, doing researches and getting data sets on past trends, current situation and future predictions in Telecoms. We want you to be a part of the process, please follow the link below to give us your thoughts and ensure we serve you better.

You see? We are not sitting on our haunches but are hard at work. We promise to deliver. Watch out.

Veepay, Feed Your Network, Live Better!!!

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