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·Jun 19, 2022·

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Want to see the amazing contents we have come up with for you? Our social media pages across various platforms to enable interaction with our customers are below. Trust us, there are a lot to see and gain. Reach out to us, we will like to hear what you think!!!

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Having previously completed The Research, The Design System and Low Fidelity Wireframes, our Product (UI/UX) Design team started designing the high fidelity wireframes and we're gradually progressing on it. So far we've been able to come up with

  • The Landing Page

Landing Page Veepay (Price).png

  • The Login Page and Login Error State Page login Page Veepay.png

login Error State Veepay.png

  • The Signup Page Sign Up Page Veepay.png

  • The Forgot and Reset Password Pages Password Reset Veepay.png

Create Password Veepay.png

Confirm Code Veepay.png

Password Success Veepay.png

  • The Sell to Us Platform Pages MacBook Pro 14_ - 1 Veepay.png

All hands are on deck to ensure that the high Fidelity Wireframes for all other screens are completed as soon as possible so they can be handed over to the developers for the next stage in the building process.

Veepay Flier 1.jpg It has been back to back communication between the Content Creators and our Graphic Design Team. They have come up with amazing contents for the team. Check out our websites.


Our Customer Relationship Management team have created a Frequently Asked Questions chat bot using We created an account and built our chat bot from scratch using laid down guidelines. Then we set the trigger; once a visitor comes upon our page for the first time and clicks the chat bot, the FAQ pops up giving the visitor a variety to choose from. An answer is then given to the chosen question. This makes it easier for customers to get immediate feedback. Our Frontend Developers had the task of integrating this into our website.




The importance of Market Analysis cannot be overemphasized. Our Data Analysts were able to come up with various dashboards visualising data from our market research.

Screenshot (67).png

Screenshot (68).png

Screenshot (69).png

Screenshot (70).png

From the dashboards, it can be seen that most people prefer to buy data and recharge online. It can also be seen that the major challenge of this online preference is network issues where one sometimes is debited but gets no recharge. Also, there is the problem of typing the wrong amount and buying more airtime than one planned to, with no easy way of getting one's money back. These are some of the issues Veepay is looking to solve for customers.




The job of Product Management is a very essential, organised and thorough one. It ensures efficiency and adherence to deadline from the whole team while producing best results. Our product managers are no exception. Using a PM tool, all tasks were organised on a board with timelines and continuous monitoring of progress till completion, following an already created roadmap for the products. We created a kanban board on Trello and added all the tasks for the week with labels (color coded tracks ) for easy identification. We managed the board and ensured we track other teams progress in achieving their tasks by appointing a Product manager to each team with a weekly meet with the Team Lead to assess situation. The board has the tasks for To-do, Doing(in progress), Done(completed) and Testing List for the week. The Product Roadmap on miro which serves as a guide covers the development, features, improvement and milestones of the product.

While we are steadily covering our scope for this project, we are nowhere near finished and intense and continuous work remains ongoing to bring you the best out there. Watch Out!!!

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