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·Jun 26, 2022·

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The race continues. Our Digital Marketing and Content Creation Team focused on creating content for Brand awareness and getting more engagement from our audience across all Social Media Platform.

Facebook page:



We made sure we posted contents done in liaison with the Graphic Designers, everyday. Well, we are not where we want to be in terms of followers but we know that it will get better. We are not relenting and working on it.

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Our UI/UX Team has designed all the major pages and screens of the website. Currently working on completing the Website UI and starting on the mobile version immediately.

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On the part of Customer Relationship Management, we completed work on the chat bot and the Front-End Developers mounted it on the website. We also created a Hubspot account with our company email.

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Our Data Analysts have been working on surveys and market share analysis. It is a continuous process as we need current trends and analysis in order to keep our product on a continuous growth rate. This analysis is based on the survey we personally carried out as we could not find any ready-made data set out there. We also are working on a Reporting Dashboard using endpoints from our backend Developers.

All these works have been under the eagle eyes of the Product Managers who have been managing and monitoring the Task management Dashboard.

We can see the end line now and are hard at work to reach it. But in this case, the end does not justify the means because the process is just as incredibly important and we are keeping that at the forefront of our minds while we carry out this project. Keep up with us!!!

Veepay, Feed Your Network, Live Better!!!

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